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Means&3rd - Aural Dissociative

Means&3rd - Aural Dissociative


Unveiled Nuance is the newly founded imprint by Manchester’s Means&3rd to provide a platform for his own productions. The Eastern Bloc Records staff member inaugurates his debut vinyl release with 3 tracks covering a balance between hypnotic and driving techno, in keeping with his adopted style of recent years.


‘Thought contortion’ opens the EP with a thunderous low end, propulsive rhythms and immersive sweeps of sound design, teamed with modulated synth patterns that assist the unfolding of its persistent structure. ‘Fragility of perception’ follows with its elastic 3 step synth groove and reverb rich textures which provide the bed while the percussion provides an airy dynamic. ‘Aural Dissociative’ closes the EP with an all together headier affair, a dynamic drone providing the backdrop while flickers of rhythm supplement its evolution and heavily modulated lead lines take the focus.


Produced, Programmed and Mixed by Means&3rd

Mastered & Cut by Helmut Erler @ D&M Berlin

Design by Means&3rd

Pressed By Matter Of Fact, Güstrow, Germany

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