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A steady and fulfilling path has been walked by Means&3rd aka Ben Marsden to get him to the creative space he currently occupies.


A Manchester resident since 2007 his musical education has been nurtured by the city and the experiences that have come with it. First beginning with his musical education, shortly followed by many years of promoting events and culminated in securing a place behind the counter at one of the UK’s finest record stores, Eastern Bloc Records, where he currently curates the House and Techno sections.


A local favourite and regular of Manchester's White Hotel, Warehouse Project, Soup Kitchen, and the close quarters of Eastern Bloc's very own club night his DJ'ing style has matured over the years to convey a more textured, headier but no less driving vision of techno that is always cohesive within its layers and never struggles to provide a boundless dynamic, especially when given the chance to play extended sets where he truly thrives, a keen intuition developed from over 2 decades of DJing. 


More recently he has zeroed in on his production skills with 2021 seeing the launch of his own imprint 'Unveiled Nuance' which will serve as a platform for his own productions and a true introduction to his sound as an artist. After years of meticulous analysis of his craft and the invaluable knowledge gained via the record shop, he has truly begun to sculpt his own sonic identity with a sharp attentiveness to detail.

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